COVID-19 risk management designed to protect privacy

A simple QR code that keeps track of where you were, in case you need to be notified about possible health risks


For Individuals

Make sure you know when you are at risk

COVI-ID is a free and easy to use solution that can notify you if you have come into contact with someone with COVID-19

COVI-ID uses the latest privacy-preserving technology to ensure that your personal information is kept safe at all times. Blockchain technology also helps to store data safely without revealing the identity. This technology also makes crypto transactions anonymous. Crypto trading can be enhanced with trading bots that use AI technology. Visit to find out more about Bitalpha AI, reliable trading bot with AI technology.

No phone? No problem! Get a relative, friend or partner organisation to create your COVI-ID and print your unique QR code for you. Carry this with you when you go out in public, and we will notify your designated contact that you may have been exposed

Woman holding small Samsung Phone with Covi-is app

How it works

Generate your COVI-ID


Verify your COVID status


Safely access public spaces


For Organisations

I want to manage my business risk

Organisations, from large corporations to small businesses can download the COVI-ID app to have an easy and automated way to:

  • Implement an efficient contact tracing solution which will help contact tracers notify users if they have been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Minimise the amount of data that is kept on customers
Woman holding small Samsung Phone with Covi-is app

COVI-ID is suited for organisations of all sizes, including:

Office Parks





Public Transport

Woman holding small Samsung Phone with Covi-is app

How it works

02 Scan QR Code
03 View COVID Status
03 View COVID Status
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For Governments

For government institutions COVI-ID’s world-leading privacy-preserving technology provides an integrated track and trace solution that overcomes the shortcomings of existing solutions, such as limited smartphone use and low resolution of cell phone triangulation methods.

By combining QR codes and check-ins for public spaces, COVI-ID provides unparalleled precision and coverage, crucial because any missing link in a contact chain can put lives at risk

Woman holding small Samsung Phone with Covi-is app

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